1. Life-Styler Nutrition/Fitness Tip: Hope you all had a fab weekend & not suffering too much from Mondayitis!!

    If you’re hitting the gym today here are some of the best foods to eat before & after your workout!

    Before working out have either a banana as it has great carbs for energy, a glass of milk as it has a low GI which means your blood sugar levels will rise slowly or an apple with some almonds. the sugar hit from an apple is moderate & it contains pectic fibre which slows down the rate sugar enters your system, which means you can burn fuel for longer. Almonds are a great source of good fats & protein which help to keep hunger at bay!

    Post workout have a chocolate milk. Yep, a study by Indiana Uni confirms that chocky milk performs just as well as popular sports drinks. The ratio of protein & carbs helps to replenish tired muscles & build up energy stores. Yummo!! Or have cherry juice which is a great source of antioxidants! Eggs also help to replenish amino acids which your body needs for making muscles. As a snack eggs are a great choice!  Lifestyle Tips.
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